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Ice Buffet

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Ice Buffet  ★★★

Buffet presentations provide ideal opportunities to impress guests.  Ice brings an exciting approach that adds to any style of service.  With a riven surface, up stands and self contained dipper or sauce pots, Ice provides a new, clean, contemporary look for foodservice presentation.

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  • Buffet Plate Square We...

    Buffet Plate Square We...
    53cm x 40cm (21" x 15 3/4") 

  • Buffet Plate Angled

    Buffet Plate Angled
    48cm x 40cm (19" x 15 3/4") 

  • Large Bridge Support

    Large Bridge Support
    20cm x 16cm (8" x 6 1/4") 

  • Small Bridge Support

    Small Bridge Support
    12cm x 16cm (4 1/4" x 6 1/4") 

  • Buffet Plate Flat

    Buffet Plate Flat
    48cm x 40cm (19" x 15 3/4")